Detox diet – how do you start?

A detox diet plan involves a change in your eating and drinking habits, usually over a short period of time.

The result will hopefully be that you feel a lot better and lose a little weight. Detox diet plans that you might read about can last for 3, 5, 7, 10, or some other number of days.

The long-term aim is usually to change your eating and drinking habits going forward to maintain any weight loss and continue to feel better.

How to start your detox diet?

Since there are so many detox diet plans out there, where do you start?

I came across a short video featuring David Wolfe that explains what you are trying to do with a detox diet, and what you can expect.

Check the video out below:

Drink more water

The first thing that David suggests in the video is drinking more water. He says that as soon as you wake up in the morning you should drink water. This is before you have a coffee or any breakfast.

The idea behind this is that drinking more water helps your body to rid itself of toxins that build up.

A detox diet aims to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering your body and increase removal of these toxins. Drinking more water is intended to help with this.

There are foods you can eat that will also speed up the removal of toxins from your body. These foods help to keep the toxins moving out of your body through your bowels, and prevent them being reabsorbed back into your blood.

Detox through your kidneys and bowels

I’ve seen lots of detox plans that aim to remove toxins from your body through your skin.

These plans have their place in removing stubborn waste chemicals from within your skin. This should help to make your skin look clearer and healthier.

As a starting point though, it is probably best to detox through your body’s main waste removal systems.

That means getting rid of the waste toxins via your kidneys and bowels. This should enable you to remove these toxins from your body as quickly as possible, which is desirable when starting a detox diet.

Drinking more water is intended to help your kidneys remove toxins from your blood, and excrete them via the urinary system.

Eating foods that hold on to toxins and help to “pull” them out of your body will speed up removal via your bowels.

Start your detox diet

So, to start your detox diet David Wolfe suggests drinking more water right away. The time to start doing this is first thing in the morning.

The next thing to do is start thinking about what you eat.

Look at the food you eat and think about how healthy it actually is. By  doing this you will start to build your awareness of what you are putting into your body.

Once you start to think about what you are actually eating you can pick on of the detox diet plans to suit your goals at this point in time.

Is your aim to lose weight, to feel happier, for your skin to look better, or something else?

Once you get to this point you are under way and ready to start your detox diet plan.

The perfect way to kick-off your weight-loss program